Raymond Loewy sitting with cigarette in hand and Greyhound bus model on table

About Raymond Loewy


  • 2001  Citizen of Honor of Palm Springs
  • 2000 Best Design of 20th Century, 1st Runner-up, S1 Locomotive
  • 1997Automotive Hall of Fame
  •  1998 Designers Hall of Fame
  • 1986 Lycee College Raymond Loewy, 23300 La Souterraine, France, named for Loewe
  • 1982 Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, Royal College of Art, London
  • 1980 Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor, Medallion, Paris, at US Embassy
  • 1978 Special Award of Merit, American Society of Industrial Design
  • 1970 Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, Arts Center College of Design, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, California Institute of Design
  • 1969 Special Honoree Award “Joy of Living”, American Society of Industrial Design
  • 1967 Citizen of Honor of Palm Spring
  • 1966 Citizen of Honor of New York City
  • 1964 Graphic Arts Certificate of Achievement, Artist Guild of Philadelphia Jacqueline Kennedy asks Loewy to design JFK memorial stamp Citizen of Honor of France
  • 1960 Benjamin Franklin Fellow, British Royal Society of Arts, London
  • 1959 French Legion of Honor, Silver Cup, Commander
  • 1956 Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati
  • 1954 2 Certificates of Recognition, US Foreign Operations Administration
  • 1950 Citizen of Honor of Chicago
  • 1949 First American designer to meet with Japanese emperor and prime minister
  • 1946 Fellow of the American Society of Industrial Design
  • 1942 Made officer of French Legion of Honor, Silver Cup Fellow of the British Royal Society of Arts, London
  • 1939 Royal Designer to Industry of the British Royal Society of Arts, London
  • 1938 American Design Award for S1 locomotive design, New York
  • 1937 Gold Medal in Transportation, Paris World Exhibition for GG1 locomotive design
  • 1934 Office of the Year, Office on permanent display at Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 1914-1919 Croix de Guerre Medal (French Cross of War) with 4 citations and the Interallied Medal, for military service in WWI


Other Honors

First Habitability Consultant to NASA for the Saturn-Apollo program, Skylab and Shuttle Orbiter Projects.

“The 100 Events That Shaped America” list established by the Historian-in-Chief of the Smithsonian Institute on the occasion of the US Bicentennial in 1976, included in the section “Inventors and shaping of everyday life”. Those listed were: the Wright Brothers, Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Lindbergh, Henry Ford and Raymond Loewy.

Loewy’s 1951 autobiography “Never Leave Well Enough Alone” becomes a best seller and is translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and Arabic.